At Giles Farms, we’ve had the good fortune of living off the land as long as we can remember. Each generation built off the knowledge of the ones before it, and this has cultivated into a rich and diverse history of the land. From raising pigs and cows to tobacco, sweet corn and grandkids, our sixth generation farm has evolved and weathered the Depression, Civil War and several economic downturns. In this new era, we’re excited to go back to our roots so to speak.

Giles Farms
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Carden Giles began his first hobby garden when he was starting grade school. His father had his own garden to attend and didn’t see much need for a second garden. So, Carden did what any resolved child would do and planted his first garden of tomatoes next to a chicken coop at his grandmother’s house, instead. Those tomatoes loved the chicken manure and his grandmother was delighted. This was close to 50 years ago. Since then, different varieties and produce have been tested, refined and improved upon. We can’t imagine a summer without Carden’s sweet corn and fresh veggies and are pleased to share the bounty with your family. We hope you’ll take a look at our Fresh Produce program and enjoy it as much as we do!

Giles Farms